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Peak Extracts

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Kate and Katie started Peak in 2014, but by then Katie had already been a medical patient for nearly ten years, and had been making Single-Strain Chocolates to control symptoms of her Crohn’s disease for most of that time. She discovered that specific strains of cannabis were of great help but others didn’t do much good or had unwanted side effects. Her goal was to be able to control both the dosage and the effects of cannabis administration, in a time where both were commonly left to chance. When we started the company in 2014, the goal was to provide the same custom-tailored edibles experience to Oregon medical market. They transitioned to the adult use market in 2016 and were one of the first edibles processors licensed in Oregon. Katie’s college friend Veronica joined the team in 2016 as well, bringing her legal and regulatory experience to the company.

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